The basic ideas that guides me, reflects my daily life, represent the core of my practice, and are the fundamentals of the healing process are:

  • Life is a gift (from God through our parents). Health is an option based on permanent decisions (informed or not, known or unknown, ours or others);

  • Our Universe and thus our life were created and maintained through 3 fundamental aspects: Matter, Energy and Information. Without any of them healing is not possible. Since the process of living always creates residues, there is an extra aspect to it – that of cleaning (i.e. Detoxification) that needs to be added to the healing process;*
  • We need to support all aspects of healing while understanding that is our (not doctor's) responsibility for our material body, energy being, mind, soul, and spirit that we are dealing with simultaneously;
  •  Diseases, illnesses and problems are the result of a combination of factors that either interfere with body’s repairing mechanism or misuse them, based on our own options.

 * You can find more detailed information about each aspect following the links above. This is what makes healing beautiful but difficult.

I recommend you to read and follow the General Guidelines for Health  and to make the first step: taking responsibility for your health. I will help you in taking the other steps and give you support, care, and instructions you need..