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My NO-NO list:

* High Fructose Corn Syrup    (use glucose/dextrose/maple syrup instead)
* Missing appointments to Integrative care    (no excuse).
* Amalgam (silver) fillings    (use a biological dentist)
* Lack of exercising    (just start moving)
* Artificial sweeteners    (use glucose/dextrose, maple syrup, xylitol, stevia)
* Negative thinking    (laugh and pray)
* Canola oil    (use olive, coconut, sunflower, sawflower)
* Margarine    (use butter)
* Homogenized Milk    (use organic, raw, up to age 7)
* Tap Water    (for consumption or bathing)
* Microwaves    (in the kitchen) (*use a laser)
* Heavy metals    (in cosmetics and vaccines)
* Fluoride    (for teeth: use baking soda)
* Taste enhancers / MSG    (use natural spices)