Protect and enhance your life and your health
heck and Fix the energies of places you live in

Do you feel that sometimes you run against the wind? That sometimes regardless of how much effort you spend, the results in your life, health or wealth are insignificant? Have you considered that is not only you or people around you but also where you spend your time that matters? So, how do you feel in the place you work, rest, or sleep?  Do you keep it clean and bright? Can you focus or relax? Is there a lot of traffic or it's a secluded place? Are you drained or invigorated?

We all live, work, eat, rest, and spend a lot of time indoors and we try to feel as good as we can. How often do you clean, dust, vacuum, or refresh the air? How about painting, repairing and remodeling? We all do that periodically, from every day or every few days to every few years. Why do we spend time and money on that? I already said it: because we just want to feel as good as we possibly can. However, there are unseen factors that affect us constantly but they are ignored due to lack of knowledge and proper information. The correction of these factors, like those mentioned above, are the same like brushing your teeth: if you skip it once nothing seems to happen but if ignored longer you end up with costly and painful problems.

Let me tell you what this important factor is. You already know about it but not in the way I am presenting it here. It is called energy. Due to the nature of the world we live in, we are all affected by the energies of the space and places we live, sleep and work in. These effects may come from electrical and magnetic fields that are omnipresent, from the energy of water flowing or air moving, from the light that shines through an opening, but also from less obvious aspects of energy like the colors, shape, size, and nature of the materials that things are made of. You may recall that being in certain places you may just feel different although nothing seems to be special about that place comparing with one few feet apart. The answer might just be simply related to the distribution of energy.

Although subtle, these effects add in time, and the more time we spend in one place the more we feel the effects. On the other hands, human body adapts easily and, like for smelling, not feeling it after a time doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is our choice if we want to be continuously drained of energy and battle the unseen effects of it or we want to be surrounded by harmonious and vibrant structures that support our life, dreams and healing. What is the purpose of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house that looks like your dreams if living in it could waste your health, energy and the harmony of life. Whether you know it or not or you feel it or not, energy flows around you ALL THE TIME and you interact with it all the time. It is healthier and wiser to have it tested and, if needed, fixed. However, testing for such things is not common and discovering imbalances hardly can be made by chance. And there is no standard method for doing it. Remediation is even more a delicate aspect and what works in one place may not be useful in another one.

As you know I am both a physicist and a physician and I have both knowledge and passion about these aspects. I am willing to help you get back the harmony of your place. I also scientifically studied the distribution of such unseen energies and their relationship with living organism and he even measured and published articles about the quantum aspect of it in form of biophotons . (  But being also a doctor not only a biophysicist I am able to apply this knowledge to how the health and wellbeing of people may be affected. Combining neuro-muscular testing with energy stress and challenges now I can also help you benefit from a place to live, work and dream that will increase and not drain your strength, welbeing, stamina, and prosperity!

Testing needs to be done on site and there are differences between residential and public buildings. Most cases need remediation for electric circuits, water circuits, and building structure. Additional testing can or might be necessary to be performed on appliances, particular constructions, various objects and materials. 

 Fees for residential buildings:
Initial on site testing fee: $90.
Remediation fee (initial 30 minutes): $590.
Includes: - remediation devices / materials for electric (x2), water (x1), and building structure (x2).
              - wellness exam and testing for most sensitive organs to emf stress.
Additional time: $100 for each 30 minutes
Additional materials: $10 each unit.

Don't Forget: you should also consider your work, dance, or praying place to be tested too.